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Left Behind K-9 Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized to save the lives of homeless pets through our rescue, transport, foster care, rehab, spay/neuter, financial assistance, and adoption programs.

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“There is a moment, when the paperwork has been completed, and the animal is being handed over to the shelter staff… if you watch carefully, you can sometimes see the exact moment when the animal comprehends what is happening, when he finally realizes that his guardian is leaving and he is staying; the exact moment when the confusion in his eyes is replaced by understanding, and then turns to panic, followed by desperation. Sadness, that will turn to grief as the days unwind, while he waits for another chance that may or may not come.”

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Help us make a difference!  We rely on the support of our community to fund our programs.  Please consider making a donation today!

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